Velizarova House is a place where centuries-old history meets modern comforts. The authentic architecture and setting will take you back in time. The furniture brings the romantic memory of an old era. A stay here allows you to experience the region’s rich history while enjoying modern conveniences. The house has two floors. It is located in the upper part of the village of Zheravna and has been completely renovated. It has everything you need for a complete relaxation.

Велизарова къща - Жеравна
Спалня във Велизарова къща

Kodjamanova House

Коджаманова къща в село Жеравна
Спалня в Коджаманова къща

Kodjamanova House is a modern guest house in an authentic Bulgarian style, located in the heart of Zheravna. Resting here is a kind of journey back in time. Every corner seems to tell tales of bygone times. We have furnished the house so that you feel the spirit of Zheravna, but you do not miss any of the modern conveniences. Rich history meets modernity to guarantee you an unforgettable stay.

Traveling back in time is possible if you choose the Once Upon a Time guest house. The cozy atmosphere will transport you to the historical era, and the modern amenities will make you feel at home. We made sure that the house is furnished with everything you need to have a good time, while keeping the characteristic Bulgarian Revival style Here you can get acquainted with the rich history of Zheravna and enjoy a full and peaceful vacation.

Къща за гости Имало едно време в село Жеравна
Спалня - къща за гости Имало едно време в Жеравна

Starcha Tavern

Механа Старча

The menu of Starcha Tavern includes a wide variety of dishes from the national cuisine and authentic local specialties. We will prepare delicious feasts for you, warm meze, charcoal grill, traditional bread. The highlight of the interior is the ethnographic collection, the viewing of which helps to touch the lifestyle, culture and history of the people of Zheravna in centuries past.

About Zheravna


Learn more about the life and work of the prominent Bulgarian writer. His native house has been turned into a museum, which today is part of the 100 national tourist sites. You will find it at number 57.

“Yordan Yovkov”


It is located in the building where in 1867 there was a school. Part of its collection are over 400 works by Bulgarian and foreign masters of the brush. The gallery is small, but cozy and tastefully arranged.


старинна къща в Жеравна


It is a cultural monument of national importance. The house is one of the oldest in the village. The ethnographic collection is well arranged and tells about the livelihood and culture in the years.


село Жеравна